Why Sell with Extra Mile Stores?
1. Acquire New customers.
We target search terms related to your category and then introduce your brand to our customers. Since we’re selective about the brands we carry, companies listed on our sites win over their competitors.
2. More sales.
Companies that sell with Extra Mile stores sell more by reaching customers searching for generic terms related to your category.
3. Higher customer satisfaction.
We treat our customers right and have a 100% customer happiness guarantee. We will do whatever it takes to make our mutual customers happy. This translates to lower costs for your company, positive reviews for your brand, and more raving fans.

We have a true customer first approach where we don’t let customers leave without being 100% happy.

From sending customers extra unexpected gifts after their order to going above and beyond when there’s an issue with the product, we always put customers first, even when it costs us financially.

Because of this approach, we do require an additional 7.5 percent discount over your standard wholesale pricing to help cover our extra customer first costs.

You can rest easy knowing your end customers will be well taken care of, you’ll have less warranty claims with overall lower costs, more raving fans, and ultimately more sales.

Putting Customers First and Going the Extra Mile.

Our 1st core value as a company is to “Put Customers First”. We make sure customers are always happy, no matter the cost. We sacrifice our own desires, time, and ego to put customers before ourselves.
Our 2nd core value is to “Go the Extra Mile Every Time”. We go the extra mile to make everything we touch exceptional. We pursue excellence as a company and go above and beyond to deliver happiness to our customers.
As your retail partner, our insistence on making sure our mutual customers are 100% happy will lead to lower costs for you and bigger fans of your brand.
We think about every detail to improve our customer experience.
We’re constantly monitoring our feedback and searching ways to improve our experience.
We celebrate customer happiness. After every 5 start review we celebrate by racing down the slide and hitting our gong.
Let’s Talk.

If you’re a sports and games brand Extra Mile would love to sell your products. In addition to the benefits above, we’re also fun to work with! We don’t take ourselves too seriously and love working with our brands. Please reach out to start the conversation.

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