Extra Mile operates a wide range of sports and games stores in categories ranging from outdoor games to fitness equipment, arcade games to basketball, and even go karts to disc golf.

We’re sports and games fanatics, and we’d love to help you with your next sports or games purchase.

We’ve all had experiences shopping online that have been less than perfect.

We believe things should be different. You should know you’re getting the best deal. Customers should be put first.
Businesses should go the extra mile to serve you.

We believe in this so much, we named our company Extra Mile.

What makes
us unique?
1. Lowest Prices.

We have the guaranteed lowest prices on everything. If a customer finds a cheaper price, we’ll beat it by 5%.

2. Unbeatable Service.
We do everything possible to ensure our customers are happy with their experience with us.
3. Most Fun.

We want to make every interaction fun and special. We consider our customers our friends.

Shipping a Potato:

By Wooly, Our Customer Happiness Team Leader

We get requests from customers all the time, some stranger than others! One particular guy asked for a potato with his order. I just so happened to be in a microwaved-potato-for-lunch phase, so I shipped him my (pre-microwaved) lunch in his package! A few months down the road, we ran into each other at an ultimate frisbee hat tournament, and he asked me if I was the potato guy. I said “Doesn’t that make you the potato guy?” I think we were both the potato guy.

The Blizzard:

By Kevin, Head of Operations

A few years back, there was a blizzard bearing down on the Omaha area. We knew there were a lot of orders to ship and team apparel orders to be printed.

Since getting to work in the morning became increasingly more daunting of a task, and we wanted to make sure every order got out within 24 hours, we declared the first inaugural Extra Mile sleepover!

We ordered in some pizza, ran home to grab some board games and met back to hunker down.

After making sure all customer orders were taken care of and printed, we hung out, jumped in snow drifts, played games, drank cocoa on the loading dock and slept in various cozy hideaways (pallet racking, mail carts, a pile of unusable apparel in the back corner).

By morning, when everyone else was snowed in, we had some pop tarts and went back at it.

It is still my top memory with our team and it felt really great to know we all wanted to put in maximum effort for our customers.

A Christmas Gift:

By Ryan, Operations Team Member

At Christmas time, a customer reached out with an amazing story of how her spouse was getting out of inpatient rehab and had found disc golf while in the treatment facility. He was getting out just before Christmas. She reached out and explained how money was extremely tight, but she wanted to get him something special.

I wanted to help them the second I read this as her story as I have lost friends due to addiction. I told her I was going to see what I could donate out of my personal collection and get back to her tomorrow.

I went home and got 10 total discs for her, and got permission to donate a disc golf bag from our company inventory too!

They were truly blown away! I really could tell the gratitude she had for me and our company!


If you need to reach us, please contact the store that you purchased from, or fill out the contact form below. We’ll make sure it’s routed to the right place.

We appreciate you!

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