Our core values.

At Extra Mile we live by a set of values that are truly core to who we are. We try to approach everything we do with the following core values.
Put Customers First.
We make sure customers are always happy, no matter the cost. We sacrifice our own desires, time, and ego to put customers before ourselves.
Go the Extra Mile Every Time.
We go the extra mile to make everything we touch exceptional. We pursue excellence as a company and go above and beyond to deliver happiness to our customers.
Play Like Championship
Level Teammates.
We do whatever it takes to win as a team, pushing ourselves and each other to higher levels of performance. We put our teammates before ourselves and are in it to win it together.
Get Better Every Day.
Day by day we get better and better- personally, professionally, and as a company. We’re never happy with the status quo and are constantly learning and improving together.
Our Company Purpose.
To deliver happiness to our customers and build a
great company.
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